This Week in FCPA, episode #54

Show notes:

00:01: Introduction to Episode #54,
03:54: “Thank you, Howard, for that kind introduction,” says Lanny Breuer, and more on the IBC Conference in London. Including how impressed I was with a guy named Chad Fentress, the CECO of Nokia.
09:35: UK “guidance” and UKBA enforcement (plus, TWIFCPA is big in Europe)
18:04: Tyco. The action, the settlement, and a discussion about finance controls. Schedule B.
37:56: M&A transactions under the new DPA template—required reporting and follow-on effects
(40:28: I get visitors)
44:01: Opinion releases 12-01 (royal family member as foreign government official?)
54:54: Opinion release 12-02 (more on travel, hospitality in the adoption services agency world)
62:34: FCPA Guidance from the DOJ: Myth or Reality
68:27: Bourke Appeal, Howard to attend
72:36: Alba, Alcoa settle (darn it!)

This Week in FCPA, episode #53

Tom and I discuss HP, NCR & how NOT to react to whistleblowers, the new and improved DOJ web site, Comverse Technologies and a lenient sentence for Paul Cosgrove. Episode #53.

00:39: More than you wanted to know about Howard’s new site (the redesigned Open Air Blog)
01:51: Have a happy new year
02:55: Hewlett Packard (Howard recuses himself from the discussion, so this is all Tom)
06:09: You missed my birthday. Don’t worry, you don’t have to apologize
06:43: NCR shows considerable skill at treating a whistleblower complaint in exactly the wrong way. Tom & I talk about how to handle a whistleblower better. And here’s the link to Mike Volkov’s video.
18:12: DOJ improves their already-great Web site. And they work really, really hard
23:07: Tom is speaking in Singapore. If you’re anywhere close, you really need to go. Here’s the link to the conference. And in San Diego. The San Diego one is on diligence, and is with Mike Volkov
27:32: Comverse: we can’t guarantee that we won’t screw up…again. Ooookkkaaaayyyy, Comverse. Thanks for sharing. And how to actually have consistent messaging.
36:44: Paul Cosgrove, former global head of Sales at Control Components, Inc. (CCI), gets sentenced. Ending a very interesting case. And neither Howard nor Tom are Supreme Court scholars. Little help, anyone? And Howard is going to be in the same room with Lanny, in the near future, in London!