This Week in FCPA, episode #54

Show notes:

00:01: Introduction to Episode #54,
03:54: “Thank you, Howard, for that kind introduction,” says Lanny Breuer, and more on the IBC Conference in London. Including how impressed I was with a guy named Chad Fentress, the CECO of Nokia.
09:35: UK “guidance” and UKBA enforcement (plus, TWIFCPA is big in Europe)
18:04: Tyco. The action, the settlement, and a discussion about finance controls. Schedule B.
37:56: M&A transactions under the new DPA template—required reporting and follow-on effects
(40:28: I get visitors)
44:01: Opinion releases 12-01 (royal family member as foreign government official?)
54:54: Opinion release 12-02 (more on travel, hospitality in the adoption services agency world)
62:34: FCPA Guidance from the DOJ: Myth or Reality
68:27: Bourke Appeal, Howard to attend
72:36: Alba, Alcoa settle (darn it!)

This Week in FCPA, episode #53

Tom and I discuss HP, NCR & how NOT to react to whistleblowers, the new and improved DOJ web site, Comverse Technologies and a lenient sentence for Paul Cosgrove. Episode #53.

00:39: More than you wanted to know about Howard’s new site (the redesigned Open Air Blog)
01:51: Have a happy new year
02:55: Hewlett Packard (Howard recuses himself from the discussion, so this is all Tom)
06:09: You missed my birthday. Don’t worry, you don’t have to apologize
06:43: NCR shows considerable skill at treating a whistleblower complaint in exactly the wrong way. Tom & I talk about how to handle a whistleblower better. And here’s the link to Mike Volkov’s video.
18:12: DOJ improves their already-great Web site. And they work really, really hard
23:07: Tom is speaking in Singapore. If you’re anywhere close, you really need to go. Here’s the link to the conference. And in San Diego. The San Diego one is on diligence, and is with Mike Volkov
27:32: Comverse: we can’t guarantee that we won’t screw up…again. Ooookkkaaaayyyy, Comverse. Thanks for sharing. And how to actually have consistent messaging.
36:44: Paul Cosgrove, former global head of Sales at Control Components, Inc. (CCI), gets sentenced. Ending a very interesting case. And neither Howard nor Tom are Supreme Court scholars. Little help, anyone? And Howard is going to be in the same room with Lanny, in the near future, in London!

This Week in FCPA, Episode #52

Tom and I talk about Tom’s talk tomorrow in Chicago, News Corp.’s latest arrest, Safran’s ridiculously low fine, how much an investigation should cost (more if you’re Walmart, versus ABM), the SFO and gifts, Harris Corp. and gifts, and more!

Show notes:

00:41: Go hear Tom in Chicago, Tuesday morning at the University Club of Chicago, hosted by Kreller, along with Stephen Martin of Baker McKenzie. They’ll be talking about the 5 key elements of a corporate compliance program

02:15: Is the SFO backing off prosecution of the UK Bribery Act? So argues Alexandra Wrage.

16:03: Mike Koehler is amazing. And, he writes. What is a government instrumentality, he asks, now that the Conflict Minerals rule defines it as when a foreign government owns 51% or more of the third party.

23:19: Anytime a lawyer gets arrested, we take notice. The head of legal for News of the World gets arrested.

26:48: How much should FCPA investigations cost? For Walmart, $51 million. For ABM, $3.3 million

29:27: Safran pays a “fine.” €500,000 to get a €170 million contract. Or, as I call it, cost of sales. Could it be because they’re 1/3 owned by the French government? Hey, DOJ/SEC: do something about this. Please.

35:05: NYU study on self-disclosure. Does self-disclosure have an effect on the penalty?

40:07: Harris Corp. investigating itself. Over gifts. “Why? Why? Why?,” I cry. And a question to ponder: is it possible to retain revenue going forward when you find old contracts were obtained through bribery?

This Week in FCPA, episode #51

In our weekly anti-corruption catch-up, Tom and I talk about Oracle, the SEC’s extractive disclosure rule, $50,000 to a whistleblower, who’s your state-owned entity, and Peterson accepts responsibility (except for that he doesn’t). And the highlight: NCR tipster lays out many, many lessons.

00:59: Howard promises not to say things are slow anymore
01:21: Oracle and the difficulty with finding and stopping slush funds
07:00: Howard agrees with Professor Koehler…what is the world coming to? Tom disagrees. Eh, he’s probably right.
15:41: SEC approves disclosure rules for extractive industry
20:56: SEC pays out first whistleblower payment
24:00: Tchenguiz case: we don’t understand the deal. Go over to Even we can understand that investigative agencies need resources to hire investigators. Call me crazy.
26:46: DOJ files 11th Circuit brief in Esquinazi & Rodriguez appeals
33:07: Is $34 million in one quarter a lot of money for an FCPA investigation?
36:09: Garth Peterson talks to CNBC and the SODDI defense
44:28: NCR: a world of issues in one little investigation (and Tom and I both have a senior moment. Little help here?). Killing the messenger is a time-honored custom in China, right?
55:21: Who is a “senior leader”? To what level does a bribery scheme have to rise in order for us to say that the company knew?
1:03:56: As if you needed another reason to go to San Diego, Tom and Mike Volkov are going to be speaking about due diligence. I speak at conferences too.